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Date where what musicians
04.03.2014Freiburg concert with pieces by Vivier and Reschsolo and ensemble recherche
27.02.2014Basel Hochschuletimpani workshop with Jochen Brennerstudent activity
22.-24.02.2014Freiburg EnsemblehausCD production with pieces from Puzoensemble recherche
14.-16-02.2014Valenciaconcert and workshop at valencia percussion academsolo
08.02.2014Stuttgart eclat festivalconcert with pieces by Billian,Gahnensemble recherche
06.02.2014Basel Gare du nord"Nicht ich" by Mundryensemble recherche
01.02.2014Freiburg Ensemblehauschildren concertensemble recherche
31.01.2014Freiburg Ensemblehauschildren concertensemble recherche
27.01.2014Basel Hochschuleconcert with Sisco Aparici
25.02.2014Freiburg concert ensemble rechercheensemble recherche
23.01.2014Freiburg solo concert with pieces by Klartag, Blecharz, Bilsolo
21.01.2014Basel HochschuleWorkshop with Pierre Favre
17.01.2014Londonstudent exchange program me with Royal College Lonpercussion ensemble Hochschule Basel
15.01.2014Basel Hochschulestudent concert together with percussion quartet f percussion ensemble
10.12.2013Freiburg concert with pieces from Sciarrinoensemble recherche
06.-09.12.2013Culera , Spainworkshopsolo
07.12.2013Culera , Spainconcert with pieces from Billone,Garuti,Blecharz asolo
05.12.2013Dijonconcert with pieces from Pausetensemble recherche
01.12.2013Rostockconcert with pieces from Widman ensemble recherche
29.11.2013Luxemburg Philharmonieconcert with Lovesongsensemble recherche
23.11.2013Mannheimconcert with pieces from Widman and Stockhausenensemble recherche
20.11.2013Bludenzconcert with pieces from Klartag and Haasensemble recherche
16.11.2013Hamburgconcert ensemble recherche
10.10.2013Freiburg concert with pieces from Sarhanensemble recherche
09.11.2013Basel Hochschulestudent concert percussion ensemble Hochschule Basel
01.11.2013Pragueconcert with pieces from Pauset,Thomalla,Hosokawa,trio accanto
26.10.2013Freiburg concert Freiburg percussion festivalsolo
25.10.2013Basel Gare du nordconcert with a piece from Peter Cadischsolo
23.10.2013Biasca concert with a piece from Peter Cadischsolo
21.10.2013Bernconcert with a piece from Peter Cadischsolo
17.10.2013Basel Musikhochschulestudent concertpercussion students
09.10.2013Freiburg concert with pieces by Blecharz and Serockiensemble recherche
05.10.2013Grazconcert with pieces from Pritchard and Klementensemble recherche
30.09.2013Basel Musikhochschuleworkshop with Christoph Caskel about Stockhausen apercussion ensemble Hochschule Basel
29.09.2013WittenFilm production of "Retrouvialles" from Georges Apwith Richard Dubelski
28.09.2013Donaueschingen concert with pieces from Rihmensemble recherche
18.-21.09.2013Freiburg concert and workshops with young composers from Stensemble recherche
15.09.2013Lana Italyconcert with piece from Billone "Gonxha", Sarhan ,solo
12.09.2013Freiburg ensemblehausconcert with piece from Billone "Gonxha"solo
09.09.2013Freiburg concert with pieces from Haasensemble recherche
09.-14.09.2013ensemble academy Freiburg ensemble recherche academy teaching and concertsensemble recherche
06.09.2013Olsoconcert with pieces from Bauck, Feldman and Pritchensemble recherche
28./29.08.2013Weimarconcert with a piece from Salvatore Sciarrinosolo/ensemble recherche
11.-22.08.2013Schweizhow sounds Switzerland ?solo
22.-24.07.2013Freiburg ensemblehausworkshop Klassenarbeitensemble recherche
21.07.2013Sentconcert with a piece from Peter Cadischsolo
19.07.2013Bergell , Palazzo Castelmurconcert with a piece from Peter Cadisch
18.07.2013chesa plantaconcert with a piece from Peter Cadischchamber music
17.07.2013Bergruen , Bergellconcertchamber music
07.07.2013Freiburg ensemblehausconcert solo
22.-30.06.2013Banff Canada Workshop and concerts , roots and rhizomesSolo
15.06.2013Basel Musikhochschuleconcert with percussion class
31.05.2013Freiburg Ensemblehaussolo concert with works by Cage, Billone , Roncettsolo
21.05.2013Zürich Rigiblickconcert new work by Peter Cadischtrio with Jena Jacques Dünki and Claudio
13.-18.05.2013 Freiburg Ensemblehaus workshop with young composersensemble recherche
11.05.2013Freiburg , Ensemblehaus solo concert with works from Cage, Billone ,Roncesolo
07.-08.05.2013Castellonworkshop and concerts solo
09.05.2013Valencia concert with Sisco Apericisolo and duo
04.05.2013Schloss Moylandsolo concert with works by Billone, Ott, Roncetti,solo
26.04.2013Wittenconcert new work by Kreidlerensemble recherche
25.-27.04.2013Wittenconcert with a new work by Georges Aperghispercussion /performance duo with Richard
24.03.2013Ruse , Bulgariaconcert with works Peter Maxwell Davisensemble recherche
17.03.2013Berlin Radialsystemsolo concert with works by Billone, Ott, Roncetti,solo
28.02.2013Rottenburgconcert with works by Helmut Lachenmannensemble recherche
11.02.2013Graz Impuls concert with the new piece of Pierluigi Billone ("solo
30.01.2013München Muffathalleconcert with "Geschwindigkeit" from J. Anton Riedlsolo
09.-21.02.2013Graz Impuls workshop and concerts solo
28.01.2013Basel Hochschuleconcert with the percussion class Xenakis "Pleiadepercussion ensemble Basel
23.01.2013Berlin Tempodromconcert with works Henzeensemble recherche
14.01.2013Baden Baden Burda Museumsolo concert with works by Billone, Sarhan , Ott,Csolo with recitaion
19.01.2013Freiburgconcert with works of Hurrel ,Billoneensemble recherche
09.01.2013Londonconcert with Nicolas Hodges playing BirtwistleDuo

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